Ethan's headshot


Meet Ethan. As you’re reading this, you may be curious about how Ethan found himself in this role. Let’s go back to the beginning; Ethan’s journey originally began in the culinary arts, where he honed his skills as a baker. Transitioning to Elite in 2019 marked a pivotal moment in his career, where he had the privilege of learning under the guidance of Riley Brown and Wenda Li. Since joining Elite, Ethan has achieved ISA certification as an Arborist, showcasing his dedication to the field. Ethan finds fulfillment in various aspects of tree work, including advanced technical rigging, ornamental pruning, and the daily problem-solving inherent in navigating intricate landscapes or compact Toronto backyards. Among his most cherished moments on the crew are those spent pruning the majestic Oaks adorning our canopy.