Stump Grinding

stump of a tree in green grass

We utilize three different size machines to grind stumps of any size in any location. Access dictates what size of machine we can use for your stump. We require a minimum of 30” clearance to access your space with our smallest machine. If you don’t have this much room, fear not, we have a solution. Allow us to assess your unique situation and we will make it happen.

Utility locates are required for stump grinding. Don’t worry, we take care of those free of charge prior to any work taking place. This will cover hydro services, Enbridge gas lines, communication lines etc. It is important to note that locates will not map private lines such as irrigation, gas lines to pool/patio heaters, audio/video cable, hydro lines for sheds, cabanas, landscape lighting etc. Please inform our Arborist of the location of any private services or lines prior to stump grinding.

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