Soil Amendments

Overhead of miniature gardening trowel and rake on dark soil with fertiliser, with copy space
Often urban soils are compacted, poorly structured, and lacking organic material. In the urban environment, we clean up most, if not all, organic material as it falls. Leaves and twigs are what build the soil in a forest setting, but we don’t have that in urban areas. In some cases, fertilizing is a band-aid solution and soil amendments are what is required. We utilize an Airspade to aerate the soil to a depth of up to 1m and backfill with many different organic materials. This serves to alleviate compaction and build healthy soils which increases the soil’s water-holding capacity and allows your trees and shrubs to assimilate water and nutrients. This results in robust plants that are more drought tolerant and increases the botanical health of your trees and shrubs.

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