Root Pruning

Old tree roots covered with yellow maple leaves
In many cases, trees can be their own worst enemy. Sounds odd, right? Well, we often see girdling roots in trees within the urban environment. Some species are prone to this issue and things like limited soil volume and poor planting practices make this condition prevalent in the landscape. This is when roots will grow around the lower trunk or other roots below grade constricting the flow of water and nutrients. There is visual indication of this above ground in some cases. Things like flattening on one side of the lower trunk is a textbook girdling root symptom. All too often we find trees are planted too deep without the lower trunk flare exposed. This invariably causes problems for trees and often leads to a slow decline and in some cases death of the tree. Our certified Arborists have extensive experience in this area and can determine if your tree is suffering root problems by air-excavating without damaging roots so we can examine and repair the situation. Finding this type of problem early is extremely important. Left unchecked, the damage can be irreparable.

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