Hedge Shearing and Pruning

A gardener in the garden trims the leaves of trees with large metal shears.

Hedges are a great way to add privacy, dampen noise, and increase the aesthetic value of your property. Evergreen hedges such as Cedar and Yew are common, and these species will take well to shearing to promote a dense form. That said, most of their foliage is at the branch ends, and reducing these species too much will result in die-back and bare patches that often never grow back. Our experts know how much to shear and when to avoid any potential issues.

Keeping hedges at a maintainable height is also advisable as this will reduce the cost of maintenance. When hedges are allowed to grow too tall for ladder maintenance, aerial platforms or scaffolding are required to carry out the work safely and in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Other species of deciduous hedges like European beech are great for the same reasons as Evergreen hedges, however, the pruning methodology is much different. These hedges largely require clipping or pruning as opposed to shearing. Using the right pruning methods is vital to ensure your hedges aren’t damaged.

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