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At Elite Tree Care, we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction. We take the time to thoroughly discuss your options, providing detailed written quotes for all services. Whether it’s tree planting, pruning, removal, fertilization, or risk assessment, our certified arborists approach each task with professionalism and courtesy.

Located in Leaside, we proudly serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, offering comprehensive tree and shrub care solutions tailored to your property’s unique needs. As a full-service company, we specialize in every aspect of arboriculture, ensuring your landscape flourishes under our expert care.

Precision Services for Healthy Growth

As your trusted full-service arboriculture company, we’re committed to delivering exceptional care and expertise to every client. From planting to removal, our comprehensive range of services are designed to address all aspects of tree care. Explore our specialized offerings below and let us be your partner in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of your landscape.

Tree Pruning

Based on tree species and age our experts will determine what method is best for your trees
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Tree & Shrub Removal

We use the latest tools and techniques to remove trees safely and efficiently
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Hedge Shearing & Pruning

Big or small, we can take care of all your hedge shearing needs
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Let us find the right mix of fertilizer and soil products for you
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Stump Grinding

We have the equipment to tackle even the largest tree stumps
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Cabling & Bracing

We can help reduce the likelihood of branch failure with custom solutions
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Arborist Reports & Consulting

We can help you obtain permits and ensure you're project is following city bylaws
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Tree Planting

Le us supply and plant the best specimens available
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Tree Risk Assessment

Get an assessment to help avoid future issues
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Root Pruning

Correct girdling roots and poor planting practices
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Soil Amendments

Rebuild your soils health and increase essential nutrients
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Wood Chip Delivery

Free delivery of wood chips within our service area
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Firewood Delivery

Premium dry firewood delivery throughout the GTA
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Your Trusted Tree Care Dream Team

Meet our elite team of arboriculture experts, each carefully selected for their passion, expertise, and dedication to preserving the beauty of your green space. From certified arborists to seasoned tree care specialists, our professionals are committed to exceeding your expectations with every project. 

Click through below to get to know each member of our skilled team and discover the unparalleled care they bring to every tree they touch.

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